Master The Art Of Creative Visualization And Design Your Future

Creative Visualization gives your mind a path to follow. To successfully get the most out of visualization you have to be able to harness and utilize the potent and powerful universal positive energy forces. 

What can prevent you from manifesting the things you want and living the life you desire is that self sabotaging negative energy and emotions, they quite literally zap the life and all hope right out of you, negative energy attracts negative circumstances.

Negative energy and positive outcomes do not work together they are complete opposites. If you experiencing emotional suffering, lack, poor health or you just want to better your life or finances then you can turn things around by applying about fifteen minutes of positive visualization a day to your life.

Many people have tried visualization with little success and now the latest research has shone some light on the reasons for this, tests have revealed that visualization will yield little to no benefits if your coming from a place and state of negative energy. 

Your brain which does not like change has a natural tendency to try and resist any attempts you might make. 

We all know that techniques like affirmations and visualization can be very powerful, they seem to work for some but not others, many people are often left frustrated and despondent when they do not achieve the results they desire. 

The research has found out that those who used visualization over a period of time who we stuck in a negative state ended up no better off, in fact some felt even worse. You have to be aware that like attracts like, to get the best out of visualization you have to feel good first and then focus on what you want.

While the people who were already positive, happy and confident when they applied the visualization session it improved them even more. The secret to successful visualization is you need to feel good, calm and relaxed before you do it.

Improve Any Area Of Your life Through Visualization

 If you have any negative patterns of behaviour that are holding you back or you find yourself self sabotaging every time you try to change which prevents your ability to love and move forward so you can achieve your goals which will allow you to live that abundant and joyful life you want.

Or if you are experiencing any other forms of emotional suffering then you can turn your life and your current situation around by using positive visualization.

Two of the best times of the day to do your visualization are first thing in the morning or last thing at night just before your about to drop to sleep, this is when your at your most relaxed and receptive state. 

First thing in the morning is particularly good because you have just woken up and during this brief window of change your mind is highly receptive and open to new suggestions and idea's.

 Visualization is the ultimate creative force which helps us shape and design our world. We used to do it naturally when we were children but then society conditioned us not to day dream. 

When your using your imagination in positive ways your whole body will respond with you, your mood will improve, it can calm you down and you will set the process off for a better life.

Our imagination can dictate how we feel and behave, it sets out the blue print for our future, we can create and design just about anything with the aid of our imagination, the intention of our imagination is to help us build new technology, design thing's and become creative.

Creative visualization is a method you can use to deliberately change your thoughts and feelings to match your expectations and dreams. 

Creative visualization is quite simply a technique anybody can practice and use to create the life they want. Creative visualization has had some bad press because some people have tried it and failed to get the results they wanted.

 However this is more down to given up to early because they have been expecting instant miracles or they are either doing it wrong or they do not really believe it will work, everything is a skill and takes practice. 

If you have any doubts imagine you are relaxing on a tropical beach for a few moments and notice how it calms you down.

Visualization Is The Foundation To Future Success 

Visualization is the starting point and foundation to manifesting and goal achieving your goals, the downside to our imagination is when it is misused it can create fear, anger, stress, depression, nervous conditions, chronic worrying and negative circumstances. 

All great athletes,  entrepreneurs,  artists, musicians just do it naturally to achieve incredible success and personal fortune.

As children we naturally day dream and fantasize, sadly as we get older we lose or don’t bother with this magic ability to create our future or when we do use it we use it in self-defeating ways. 

Visualizing can be used for many things such as creation, success, personal performance enhancement. 

Personal development, designing, creative writing, confidence building, healing, creating wealth, inventing, making you feel good, calming the mind and body to name a few.

Many people use vitalizing to help them to manifest more wealth and although visualizing yourself rich and successful can get the idea's of how to make money to come to you. 

Once you have got an idea and you have started to take action towards your goal then you should focus on visualizing the thing your doing that will make you money instead of just concentrating on the money.

Engage All You Sense

When you use creative visualization you need to use your mind to create images, feelings and idea’s, they have not got to be clear pictures some people use their other senses to create something they desire to happen or appear in their lives.

Keep on focusing your energy and thoughts until they manifest it into your reality. To manifest your dreams you need to have a burning desire coupled with belief and keep up that desire until you create what you want and it appears in your life. 

The desire and intention to change must be strong and clear to allow you do create your goals, as Napoleon Hill stated in the famous book think and grow rich “whatever the mind of man can conceive and bring itself to believe you can have it as long as you believe you can have it.

People visualize differently, some see clear images, some use their other senses, the more senses you can engage in your visualization the better, some use thoughts and feelings. 

Always use your feelings to act as a gauge to see if you are in alignment with your goals, if you are ready for what you want you should feel positive and good when you think about it  and you should expect and know with absolute certainty that what you want is already yours.

There are no time limits on how quick your dreams and goals will happen, always focus on goals you believe you can make happen, although dreaming big is great, if your dream is bigger than what you think you can make happen chances are you want have the belief to back it up.

Visualizing Techniques

Set your goal or intention, to start with it may pay to set a quite easy goal that you know and believe you can achieve, success will install confidence and once you see it work your belief and confidence will go up so then once you know it works you can then aim for bigger goals. 

You can visualize during the day but the best time to do it is first thing in the morning or just as you drop off to sleep. You have not got to spend hours visualizing ten minute at a time is adequate you can also think about your goal throughout your day.

Make a clear picture or image in your head of what you want to happen, make the pictures as clear, vivid and add as much detail as possible, you must get those positive good feelings flowing as you visualize you must believe it will happen. 

The best and most power fullest ways to visualize is to picture in your mind what you want and visualize it in colour, focus on the sights, sounds, smells and positive emotions, but imagine you already have what you want or what you want to happen. .

Keep practising and then take action on any idea’s you have, sometimes the circumstances or opportunities will appear in your life. 

You can also add in positive affirmation to strengthen your manifesting, one tip once you have done your daily visualizing forget about your goal and allow the universe to do the rest for you, then take action on the information or universal guidance.

You don't have to think how things are going to manifest just let them happen and follow your intuition, the universe will do the rest for you as long as you to not have any doubt, just act as if you expect it to happen. You can also use visualization to make you feel good, just let your mind drift into a better world.

  1.  Create a vision blue print for your goals, this could be a picture, situation or scenario of the completion of your goal, picture everything going how you want it to be. 
  2.  Add positive emotions and qualities to your visualizations - these are the most powerful forces that increase the capacity of visualization, what you feel when you visualize is what you create and attract
  3.  Engage your senses to your visualizations, feel the divine love and gratitude, when you do you visualizing find some where quiet where you can relax, focus on your breathing because before you go into your visualizing you must make sure your relaxed first.

You can also use visualization to make you feel good, just let your mind drift into a better world. 

Improve Visualization Ability and feel relaxed, inspired and motivated.


 The Easier Option For Successful Visualizing

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It’s like trying to play Bach with a children’s keyboard. Or write elegant scripture with crayons. You might get some results, but it just isn’t powerful or consistent enough.

That’s all about to change. It’s time for you to discover the best possible tool for manifesting what you want in your life. Forget 19th century visualization. It’s time to discover... Attraction Movies. 

The secret is to do you visualization or watch an attraction movie, then get out of the way, do not focus on the hows, just let the universe and the law of attraction take over, then take action on your idea's and the opportunities that will come to you.

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