Why Do We Dream And What They Mean 

On average we spend almost one third of our lives sleeping and dreaming, but even though your dreams may seem bizarre and far fetched at times did you know that most of your dreams have a meaning and carry a valuable lesson and purpose that is hidden in them.

Even though our dreams can carry an important hidden message, very few people actually question what their dreams mean. So what's really going on in the midst of these sometimes bizarre and extraordinary inner world stories which depict pain and pleasure.

Even the scientists now strongly believe that our dreams have a meaningful purpose and it is the minds way of trying to figure out and make sense of the importance and the significance of the things that have been on our mind during the day. 

This suggest that the dreams you are having are trying to tell you what is important or what area's you need to pay attention to in your waking everyday life. 

Your dreams can reveal many important information regarding your goals and what you want in life and they can let you know what you need to do and what direction you need to take.

Your dreams also help you to connect your past with your now and your future as well has letting your know your true identity. 

Sometimes when our dreams take us back into our past it can be a message that their is a lesson we need to learn or we have not addressed a problem or block.

The message being revealed in your dream can involve your current situation as many of your dreams are based on something that is bothering you. They also could be your inner source giving you an insight into your future or trying to coax you to pursue your passions and goals.

Your dreams could also be trying to tell you that you have things or issues from the past that you have not properly dealt with yet. Sometimes our dreams can be made up of bits and pieces that have happened to us during our day and sometimes there are created by the thoughts and feelings we have been thinking about of late.

Your dreams are a inner reflection of your day time thoughts, events and any emotional issues or upsets that you have been experiencing and the purpose of your dreams is to try and prepare for and handle the situations of the future better.

Most people's dreams have a negative theme

It is estimated that about three quarters of people's dreams are negative orientated and most are themed around their troubles and misfortunes reflecting their current mental and emotional state and their waking concerns.

Your dreams are an indication of what's going on in your life and if your having a lot of negative ones this could indicate you will need to change what your giving your attention to.

So the type of dream that your having will largely depend on what you've been thinking of and how you have been feeling, they can also be an indication of what might come in your future outer reality.

If you have been having reoccurring dreams of similar subjects and themes then this can mean that your close to that situation becoming a part of your physical daytime reality.

Yet even though our dreams could be trying to deliver us a important message how many people actually pause for a minute and think what message was my dream trying to relay to me. 

Most people never spend the time or give their dreams much thought but you can gain a lot of insight and clarity about yourself and your life if you were to spend a little time trying to interpret the meaning of your dreams.

Your dreams are your inner mind trying to give you some subtle hints and directions regarding your outer reality. Sometimes your involved in your dreams sometimes your not. Dreams are portrayed in a different language than our outer world and they are usually depicted in the form of symbols.

Go To Sleep Feeling Good And Have Sweet Dreams 

When we drop of to sleep and we enter the dream state we are actually returning back to our whole none physical selves and the emotional state your in when you go to sleep will probably be the same state as you feel when you wake up in the morning.

So if you go to bed with your mind in a negative minds, lets say you had a lot of worries or issues bothering you. 

Then the chances are that you will wake up in a negative mindset and because you fell asleep feeling bad then the theme of your dreams will tend to match the energy you we experiencing when you dropped off to sleep, so the chances are you will have negative related dreams.

This is why it is important to feel calm and positive when you go to sleep because firstly you will have more pleasant dreams and secondly you will wake up feeling good and that good mood will set the tone of the rest of your day.

Also when you go to sleep in a positive energy state you can sometimes have dreams that will point out to you what you need to do or which direction you need to take in your life.

Very often if you can learn to understand the meaning of your dreams then you will find out that your dreams are offering you a answer to the questions you have been seeking or a solution or cure to your current or your on going problems and challenges.

Although normally when you dream your muscles are shut down to an ultra relaxed state, you can even physically and emotionally respond to your dreams. 

People who have nightmares or bad dreams can wake up in a cold nervous sweat feeling scared and the powerful emotional and physical reaction from a bad dream can leave you feeling shaken and upset for a while after. Whilst you can also become sexually respondent to your dreams

Some powerful and scary dreams can make you afraid to go back to sleep because you don't want to return back to that particular dream. 

It is believed that nightmares and scary dreams actually serve a purpose to help us cope with external challenges and they act as a rehearsal for future stressful events and situations.

But sometimes nightmares are a result of a bad emotional experience or a stressful traumatic event that has happened to us during our waking reality and they are your brains way of trying to figure out your future based on your past memories or emotional experiences. 

This indicates that your dreams are much more than just random images and fantasy stories and your previous memories are connected to your dreams so it can be important to try and interpret your dreams to decode the secret hidden message.

Our dreams when properly understood can help us to learn something from our sleep as the link between our dreams and memories could play an important role to the way we learn and deal with issues and goals in our waking world and your dreams can help you to bring about new positive experiences and insights from your past memories.

Unravel Your Inner World 

You can emotional respond to your dreams

It has been said that the only difference between our waking state and our dreams is

"We believe our waking reality is real" and that we have more control of our waking world because are waking reality is more logically controlled by our sensory data and input. 

Where as our dream world is generated internally.

During our day time reality we tend to be so tied up with our everyday stresses and challenges that we become so narrow focused that we lose our creative ability. 

To tap into your true creative powers and to receive messages from the higher all knowing universal intelligence you need to be in the relaxed theta zone like energy state.

During the night when our rational and logic mind get switched off we enter that theta state which is a place where we let our sometimes limiting beliefs and mental guards down. This can allow messages to more easily get through to us. 

This does not necessarily mean that every dream has a message from the higher consciousness, but you can receive vital information when your in a dream state.

Some artists have had block busting songs come to them through their dream state. One famous example of this was by Paul Mcartney who said that one of his most famous songs "Yesterday" came to him in his dreams.

Many inventors have discovered vital information from their dreams, some of the major drug breakthroughs came to pioneering people whilst they were dreaming, two nobel prizes came from the result of dreams not to mention the idea's for countless novels and works of art.

During our dream state their are no mental distractions so you are more able to tap into the source of genius or universal intelligence thus helping you to solve problems, think more clearly as well as helping you to think outside the box.

The contents of your dreams are your minds way of processing and making sense of information and they are important for your emotional well-being and mental health.

Psychologically most people are already know and they intuitively aware that their dreams are meaningful and have a purpose as they attempt to make sense of our day. 

Your mind is seeking and searching for answers as it wrestles with your problems in it's quest and search for answers to your questions and solutions so that's' why it is important to understand and pay more attention to your dreams.

It is also believed that some people can have visitations or messages come to them from deceased loved ones at night when they are fast to sleep. 

The best way to remember your dreams is, when you awake don't move, just have a piece of paper handy and jot down the main points and symbols of your dream.




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