If You Exists Your Worthy Enough 

Regardless what you think, regardless what lies people may have told you, regardless of all those negative and untrue beliefs you may have bought into, if you exist that means you are worthy, you are good enough and you are equal to everybody else.

Everybody is unique in their own right, we all have our own inner talents, the belief that you are not worthy enough is a lie, creation has made you, creation has chosen you and creation does not get it wrong, this means you are worthy and special in your own right.

You will probably never be good enough in the eyes of everybody, but they don't matter, the only ones who do matter are yourself and the ones who appreciate you.

Do not allow the opinions of others to decide your worthiness, start to self love and appreciate yourself, because you are good enough and you have always been good enough. When you begin to self love yourself you will start to feel protected from the hurtful suggestions made by others. 

You decide you are good enough because your opinion is the only one that should count, when you reach a place of self love and self respect you will begin to realize that it is your perceptions of yourself that matters. 

The only things that is preventing you from increasing your self esteem and confidence is your negative limitations that you and others have imposed on yourself and untruthful beliefs.

So don't let anyone tell you you're not worthy enough including yourself, because your negative perceptions are nothing more than illusions. 

You were born with all the tools you need to feel good and to live the most wonderful life possible, your inner being will respond back to you with the appropriate feelings to match the input you put in.

Your self image is born from the input you tell yourself and accepting any criticisms or nasty comments from others as being true. 

Reject all negative suggestions from others and only say positive things about yourself.

When we feel good everything runs so much more smoothly, you need a healthy level of self worth and self esteem to be at your very best both emotionally, spiritually, it will also help you cope better with everyday physical life and challenges.

To increase your self worth you have to see yourself in a more positive light, your self esteem and self worth is the one basic ingredient you need to succeed in life. 

Because if you want to become that special and unique confident you that is waiting to be unleashed you have to learn how to love and value yourself. A healthy level of self esteem is the foundation of success and happiness.

You might not be aware of it, but you already possess many good qualities, you are a special and amazing person. 

But before you can reveal this wonderful hidden you to yourself and the world, you have to stop allowing those negative thoughts and self defeating mannerisms from keeping you a small and leading you to believe you are inadequate and unworthy.

Try and focus on your good points, visualize yourself achieving good things, you can also write down all your good qualities and the successes you have had, focus on what you can do instead of what you think you can't.

Be Kind To Yourself And The Universe Will Give Kindness Back To You

Say good things about yourself and have good feeling based thoughts and bit by bit you will gradually experience better feelings plus your life will start to transform for the better. 

You are already a worthwhile person, you just need to let you know it from time to time, the good feelings you will get back are well worth the effort. 

The only reason why we feel unworthy, miserable and bad is because what we have been telling ourselves. 

Appreciate yourself, learn to love, like accept and approve of yourself unconditionally, because you have been designed by the highest form of creation that makes you a very special and worthwhile purpose, you were sent here to feel worthy and good but you must realize you were also given the resources to do it yourself.

So smile because you are a worthwhile person. If you live your life with the idea that you are not good enough, then you will never see yourself as the person you really want to be and you will never be that ideal you. Instead of being the best you can, you will see yourself as having many flaws and limitations.

Most of peoples insecurities are born out of the belief, that they think or they have convinced themselves that they're not enough.

But the belief that somehow, you're not good enough, worthwhile enough, capable enough and the list goes on and on, is a belief not a stone cold fact.

The best thing about beliefs are, they can be changed.

So, start to relentlessly and repeatedly tell yourself that.

  • You are good enough 
  • You are worthy enough 
  • You are capable enough

Yes, everybody has their own little imperfections and flaws, but the illusion that there is something wrong with you is wrong is a lie. 

Ask yourself who is really holding you back and keeping you from being that successful person that is waiting to be unleashed; always bear in mind that whatever you want want's you.

Have you ever questioned where your beliefs and idea's come from especially the ones that doubt your self esteem and self worth. 

Many of our beliefs come from authority figures, the media, teachers, parents and the perceptions we have formed about who and what we are.

Although there is nothing wrong with trying to better yourself and quality of life, you need to know that there is nothing wrong with you except you may need to boost your self worth. Our self worth takes a battering along our journey through life and it is up to you to give it a positive boost now and again. 

The Best Is Yet To Come

You already have everything you need and you can strive towards the person you want to be because that person is already in you, we are all confident, we are all shy, we are all happy, we are all sad, we are all successful or unsuccessful, it all depends on what you tell yourself. 

You are what you belief, yourself to be, there is only being and living that person you want to be, no one needs to improve themselves, they just need to start accepting who they are and accept you are already good enough. 

Change your attitude to life and about yourself because once you realize that you are in control of your feelings and destiny, then you can develop faith that the best is still yet to come.

Self improvement is not about actually improving yourself because there is nothing wrong with you in the first place, you are your authentic self. What you do need to do is learn new skills, improve your thinking, learn how to change your state and eliminate any fears and anxieties and gather as much helpful information as possible.

Self confidence is like everything else you just need to learn new social skills, you are already complete and whole, that does not mean you are the finished article but you are already good enough. 

To eliminate the misconception and feeling that you are not good enough is to let you know that you have all it takes to become anything you want; you already have within you the capacity for greatness. 

So always remember that you are good enough the way you are, you don't need fixing because nothing is broken. 

That does not mean you need a little help along the way, you will have problems that may need addressing, difficulties to overcome, challenges to be faced, lessons to be learned, bad habits to kick and bad memories that need erasing but the core essence of you is OK. 

We are all source energy, you are a vibrational being, we are all whole and complete, your vibrational energy state will bring back matching results in your life, what you give out will reflect back into your reality. 

Send out the right vibration and you will eventually bring forth what you want into your life. Give out love and you will receive love back, give out anger and you will attract more angry circumstance. Give out hate and you will attract more resentment back and so forth. 






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